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S4F - Science For Fun

  • Programme: Erasmus+
  • Action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
  • Project reference: 2018-1-NL01-KA201-038951
  • Start date: 1/09/2018
  • Duration: 36 months

The Science4Fun project, funded by the Erasmus+ programme, was launched in September 2018 with the aim of motivating the study of science in schools, especially by girls and young women. Despite the greater presence of women in higher education, there is a low percentage of women in degrees such as biology, chemistry or physics.  

Through this project, resources will be developed to show students, but especially girls, that science is not boring and that there are great women in these areas. The results of the project include an online platform with tests for students and feedback on their progress throughout the different educational stages, as well as resources available for their use: videos, activities, games, diagrams, workshops...    


The aim is to change the science teaching methodology and, in this way, make children more aware of their knowledge in the area of science, orient this discipline towards curiosity and discovery, and put an end to the preconceived idea that science is "boys' stuff".  

The results of the S4F project

  • Science4Fun Big Data: a model for collecting and analysing data in the different educational areas related to STEAM. The development of questionnaires to evaluate the evolution of science in education and a report with the results of these questionnaires.
  • S4F environment: implementation of a technical environment where the online participation of students will be carried out. Implementation of the statistics and administration system, as well as a plugin to implement the questionnaires in the environment..
  • Science resources: development of own resources for each area and educational level related to STEAM, as well as external resources accessible on the Internet that cover the objectives of the project.
  • S4F training: training programmes for teachers to use the Sciencei4Fun platform and environment.
  • Testing S4F: implementation of pilot courses to test the virtual learning environment developed in the project.
  • Manual and Guide: development of a theoretical manual and a guide to use the resources and environment of the Science4Fun project.

Partner organisations and countries

The S4F project partnership consists of seven European partner countries. 

The Netherlands

Pro Work 






Fundación Siglo22 









Czech Republic

Euroface Consulting  

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